E-Book Cover Designs For Invest For Living

A couple of days ago, I designed three e-book covers for Invest For Living. The client requested three different designs so he could choose. As for the design, the client required that it must be clean. Well, I don't really know exactly what clean means but I still created the designs and submitted them to the client.

E-Book Cover for Invest For Living
(E-Book Cover for Invest For Living)

The materials provided by the client are the name or logo and the coins with plant image. Of course, the images can be changed anytime. The client just need to send over their preferred images and I'll replace the ones I used in the design. If the client is fine with the images used then it is still up to the client if they want to keep it or change it.

I mentioned that I created three E-Book Cover designs and you'll find the other two designs below.

E-Book Cover for Invest For Living
(E-Book Cover for Invest For Living)

E-Book Cover Design for Invest For Living
(E-Book Cover Design for Invest For Living)

The client has yet to request any revisions or changes. My guess is, the client is already happy with the submitted designs. Now, all the client has to do is pick the one he will use as his E-Book Cover. Of course, that part has absolutely nothing to do with me.

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