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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last month, I created a design for a future site called M*******e. The design was based on another website that the client liked. I worked on the design without asking for any downpayment. When it was done, he expressed that he liked it very much and, obviously, I assumed that it was ready for the chopping board.

The client liked it but his friends didn't.(The client already liked it but his friends didn't so it was eventually scrapped)

Unfortunately, the client suddenly changed his mind. He obviously liked the design but a few of his friends didn't and now I'm stuck with a design that nobody's going to use. Not to mention the fact that I also spent a considerable amount of time working on it. He wanted a new design and offered to pay a considerable amount of money for it.

Offering to pay someone is very nice but it's very different from actually paying. The client could offer a million dollars to me but until I get paid for the work done, that million dollars is worth nothing. In my part, I believe that I've done the work. I've created the design that he liked and I was already waiting for his content so I could work on the other pages.

The client never gave me his content. What he gave me was a request for a new design because a few of his friends didn't like the first one. Seriously, he could have showed the initial draft to his friends before requesting all the revisions that was done on it. That way, I wouldn't have spent so much time working on it.

As a freelance web designer, I often design for clients without asking for any kind of downpayment but if the design is finished and they liked it already then I expect to get paid. If they didn't pay for the design they requested and liked then they just wasted my time. It also cost me money because I could have worked on other things instead of working on their design.

Honestly, I was about to create a new design for him but I suddenly received a request from a regular client, who also pays regularly, and that kinda took my attention away from this one. Can you blame me for choosing a paying work over a non-paying one? I guess, my only fault here is that I kinda forgot to mention to the client that I was already busy working on another project.

Anyway, I still have the PSD of the design and I'm willing to sell it to anyone who is interested in it. Just e-mail me your price at romelo.itong at or use the contact form here.

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