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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

As a freelance web designer based in the Philippines most of my clients are abroad or foreign and all transactions are conducted online. From submitting designs to receiving payments.

One of the most commonly asked question by many of my new clients is how to send payment and another question commonly asked to me is, "do you accept paypal".

About paypal, unfortunately does not include the Philippines in its list of countries. So, as much as we want to use paypal, we can't but you can help bring paypal here to the Philippines by supporting this online petition, PaypalNow.

When asked, "how to send payments?" the answers I give are:

  1. through Western Union and;

  2. through XOOM
Western Union (WU) is the most popular Money Transfer service provider here in the Philippines and I guess around the world as well. Money sent to you through WU can be claimed immediately at any WU Agent/Center in your area. To claim money sent to you through WU you must visit a WU Agent/Center and you will need the following information:

  • Sender's Name
  • Sender's Address
  • Sender's Phone
  • Amount sent to you
  • MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
Actually you only need the MTCN but many WU Agents/Centers requires you those mentioned information. You will also be asked to present proper identification like your driver's license, passport, SSS card, etc.

Advantages that I see in using WU:

  1. WU is safe and secure
  2. WU is fast and reliable
  3. WU is known worldwide
One main disadvantage of WU the high money transfer fees.{adinserter Adcode03}

XOOM is an alternative to using WU and it is slowly gaining some popularity. XOOM works much like WU. Your client can send their payments at XOOM's website, You'll need to provide your client your personal info like name, address, etc. In XOOM, you can also choose if you want to pick-up your money or have it delivered to your home. You can pick-up your money at any PCI-Equitable Bank branch or at any authorized XOOM Agents/Centers all over the country. I always pick-up money sent to me through XOOM at an M. Lhuillier Pawnshop. Don't forget to bring some valid identification cards and the following information.

  1. Sender's Name
  2. Sender's Address
  3. Sender's Phone
  4. Amount sent to you
  5. XOOM Tracking Number
  6. Passcode if any
Claiming your money is also fast with XOOM except when your client sent you an e-check which could take at least 5 business days to clear.

Advantages of XOOM compared to WU:

  • It has lower money transfer fees
  • It is somewhat affiliated with PCI-Equitable Bank
Disadvantages of XOOM compared to WU:

  • It is not as established as WU
  • I still don't know who operates XOOM

I have yet to encounter any problems with any of the two, WU and XOOM, but currently I prefer XOOM to WU because of its low money transfer fees which is great for my clients.

Other services/sites which you can use to receive payment:

  • Stormpay
  • Moneybookers
  • E-gold
  • Alertpay
Other ways to receive payment:

  • Check by Postal Mail. This is not very secure but I still receive my check from Google through postal mail.
  • Bank Transfer. If your client is willing to shoulder the expense then by all means use this method. It is very fast, it is very secure and the funds get transferred directly into your bank account. I've had only 2 clients that sent their payment through bank transfer.


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