Having FUN With WWE NXT New Logo [Graphics Design]


Having FUN With WWE NXT New Logo [Graphics Design]

Just to make things clear, I enjoy watching pro-wrestling but I'm not a WWE fan anymore. I stopped enjoying WWE wrestling shows a very long time ago but I still see WWE related tweets or posts in my Twitter account maybe because I follow wrestling in general and AEW.

So, speaking of WWE, one of their main brands or wrestling shows, NXT, recently released a new logo as a form of rebranding or repackaging NXT. The new logo was very different from the previous or old logo. While some fans of NXT were okay with the new logo, many were not too happy with the change.

As for me, I think the new NXT logo is not that terrible, it's kind of just okay but the previous or old logo was 100x better than the new one. Just my opinion.

Because of the colorful way the new NXT logo was introduced, some folks associated the new logo to something related to children like maybe a kids show in Disney Channel or Nickelodeon and that was where I got this idea of creating NXT cards like AEW but with characters made for kids instead of pro-wrestlers.

I made a total of 11 NXT parody cards featuring Gumby, Big Bird, Upin & Ipin, the Muppets, the Teletubbies, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Barney, Handy Manny, Blue & Steve and even Jeff Bezos.

I didn't just make them, I also posted or shared them in Twitter through my gaming Twitter account because it had some followers. You can check out the NXT parody cards below.

Anyway, I just did it for fun and hope you guys like it too.

Teletubbies are NXT

Gumby is NXT

Big Bird is NXT

Blue and Steve are NXT

Handy Manny is NXT

Jeff Bezos is NXT

The Muppets are NXT

Winnie the Pooh is NXT

Tigger is NXT

Upin and Ipin are NXT

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