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Friday, November 9, 2012

Adding a Facebook Cover to your Facebok Pages, Profiles, Groups, etc. was a feature added to Facebook when the Timeline was introduced. Having a nice Facebook Cover will greatly improve the look of your profiles, pages, groups, etc. It will also give it a sense of uniqueness and give it a more professional feel.

Facebook Cover Design
(Facebook Cover Design)

Recently, I was asked to design a Facebook Cover. I've never done anything like it before but I still accepted the project because the person asking was a regular client of mine. Besides, creating one wasn't hard at all because it was simply the same as creating a banner but only bigger.

Facebook will let you use any picture or image as a Facebook Cover as long as it's at least 399 pixels wide. The area used by Facebook to display a Facebook Cover is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. You can use images that are bigger or smaller than that area and Facebook will automatically squeeze it in or stretch it out for you.

For this Facebook Cover project, I set my canvass to 851 x 315 pixels. Working on a canvass bigger that what the area would display was kinda pointless. Also, working within the exact size of the area allowed me to see exactly how the Facebook Cover would look once it's finished.

Using a sample sent by the client as reference, the first design I created took some ideas from the sample but it looked entirely different. The client liked it and immediately used it in his Facebook Profile page. The second design didn't use any ideas from the sample.

The third design was again requested by the client but he specifically noted elements on the sample that he wanted to see in his Facebook Cover. In the end, the final design looked somewhat similar to the sample but that's okay. If the client is happy with the design then I'm happy.

Here are the first and second designs. The third one, which is the design the client liked, is posted above.

First Design
(First Design)
(Second Design)

Anyway, if you want to give your Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups, etc. their own Facebook Covers then don't hesitate to contact me. If what you want isn't too complex or if it's something within my abilities then I'm more than happy to help.

To get your own custom made Facebook Cover, click here!


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