Extending First Life to Second Life

As a freelancer, I do all my personal marketing. From writing articles, free designs, forum postings, classified advertising, guestbook and blog hopping, social bookmarking, tagging, pinging, web directory submissions and anything I can think of to promote and market myself and my service. The latest one is starting a small shop in Second Life.Second Life? Second Life or SL is a virtual world created by Linden Labs. It is very much like the real world where people can interact with each like sell goods and services, hold events, collaborate on projects, etc. It is also like the internet but instead of 2D webpages you see everything in 3D.

I saw this as an opportunity to further extend the reach of my website design service. With more than a million users logging in to SL each month, it is very promising. Of course, like with websites, you don't build one and expect people to come. I must also advertise, market and promote my shop in Second Life. There are lots of ways to do it.

My shop in Second Life is not all about my first life profession, it also sells virtual items I designed. As of this writing, I have men's undershirts for sale in my shop.

You don't have to own land in SL to setup a shop. Rentable spaces are everywhere. I spent like an entire day shopping for one that is within my current SL budget. My current rent is 50 L$ per week and it is located in a very nice place above the clouds. LOL!

There are hundreds of shops in SL that offer both real life and virtual goods and services. Real life businesses are starting to take notice and have contributed in one way or another. Examples are:

  • Sky News has a virtual newsroom, where vistiors can visit the newsroom and see how Sky News is made, reporters and presenters also can be seen from time to time. Also all visitors can take home a TV to watch Sky News

  • Toyota have offered a virtual replica of the Scion xB

  • MTV held a fashion show which was later broadcasted on G-Hole, a show on MTV's IPTV channel, Overdrive

  • MLB.com broadcast the Home Run Derby and a Red Sox-Yankees game into SL, with the help of the Electric Sheep Company

  • ABN AMRO Bank has opened a virtual branch in Second Life

  • click here for more
I find this new arena very interesting and it didn't take too much from me to start one but starting was the easy part of it. The difficult part is getting noticed and eventually becoming successful!

Anyway, if you are not interested in Second Life then websites with free content, like Article Writing Services, can also help generate interest for your site.

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